Roll-formed profiles for the highest standards.

It's because of this that we at Profilmetall have been sought-after specialists for over 40 years. We enable a new dimension of profiling with our innovative systems. As a team, we look forward to rising to your challenges as well.

Daniela Eberspächer-Roth and Manfred Roth, Managing Partners of the PROFILMETALL Group
  • BBR

  • Umformtechnik 7|2018

    profiling system 4.1
    digital, efficient, ergonomic, modular

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  • BLECH 2|18

    The magazine for the processing of sheets, tubes and profiles

    Flexible in construction and digitally connectable

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    The magazine for welding, cutting and forming

    More safety and ease of usability

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  • emobility tec 04/2017

    Systems, components and technologies for hybrid and electric vehicles

    Roll-formed profiles – lightweight and stable

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  • bbr 05/2016

    Ribbons sheets tubes

    Comprehensive product range, short development time, fast time to market

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Certificate ISO 9001:2015

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Certificate ISO 14001:2015

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  • Profiling Systems 4.1

    brochure (EN)

  • Roll-formed profiles and profiling systems

    brochure (EN)

  • Profilieranlagen 4.1

    brochure (DE)

  • Rollgeformte Profile und Profilieranlagen

    brochure (DE)

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1. Platz „Gipfelstürmer des Jahres 2018“

Umweltministerium vergibt Effizienzpreis des Netzwerks KEFF für vorbildliches unternehmerisches Engagement.

Die Profilmetall GmbH aus Hirrlingen hat von der Entwicklung innovativer Profile bis zur weltweiten Logistik montagefertiger Profile ein breites Portfolio im Angebot. Nach dem KEFF-Check setzte das Unternehmen Energieeffizienz-Maßnahmen aus mehreren Handlungsfeldern um. Das Unternehmen optimierte dabei direkt am Prozess und am Gebäude. Der Druckluftkompressor sowie die Druckluftringleitung wurden optimiert und die Anlage mit einer intelligenten Steuerung versehen. Die Motorensteuerung an den Produktionsanlagen wurde verbessert. Die Beleuchtung wurde komplett durch LED ersetzt, und auch hier kommt eine intelligente Steuerung zum Einsatz. Das Unternehmen setzt darüber hinaus auf Wärmerückgewinnung, Elektromobilität – unter anderem Stapler – und bindet die 64 Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter bei der Suche und Implementierung von Effizienzmaßnahmen ein. Etwa 300.000 Kilowattstunden pro Jahr spart das Unternehmen durch die umgesetzten Maßnahmen ein.

German Education Award Education and talent management

1st place for PROFILMETALL Group.

The competition organised by the TÜV SÜD Academy and the consultancy firm EuPD Research Sustainable Management was held for the first time in 2013. The education and talent management at over 130 companies was audited and benchmarked. The PROFILMETALL Group received this award for the exemplary nature of its strategic education and talent management.

Business in Schools

PROFILMETALL honoured for its dedicated work with educational partners.

The Reutlingen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) has honoured PROFILMETALL for its dedicated work with the following educational partners: Realschule Haigerloch (Haigerloch), Carl-Joseph-Leiprecht-Schule (Rottenburg, N.), Joachim-Schäfer-Schule (Rangendingen), Grund- und Hauptschule mit Werkrealschule Hirrlingen (Hirrlingen). The aim of the "Business in Schools" ("Wirtschaft macht Schule") campaign is to improve the professional and future prospects of all pupils.

Best Professional Supplier

The PROFILMETALL Group was honoured as one of the four best companies in Germany as a finalist in the "Components and Custom Parts" category.

For outstanding results in the five main performance areas: business model, profitability, operational excellence, quality of processes and products, and sustainability. The Award, which was presented for the first time in 2011, was created by PricewaterhouseCoopers with partners Deutsche Messe AG and Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG.

Regional Prize for Young Companies

1st place for PROFILMETALL Group

The prize awarded by the State of Baden-Württemberg and the L-Bank is one of the most coveted honours in the industry. The selection process includes an assessment of corporate concept, entrepreneurial performance and commercial success. An additional crucial factor is that the personality of the winners and their social competence must serve as an example to other firms. More than 400 firms from Baden-Württemberg competed for the 2010 Regional Prize.


1st place for PROFILMETALL Group.

The TEMP-Award presented by Professor Lothar Späth honours companies who have successfully applied the TEMP-method® in the areas of management, customers, staff and processes to advance their companies decisively.



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